Founded in 1998

Provides the highest limits
in the industry

Website has 19 different language options

Offers a wide array sports, including all football leagues



Founded in 2004

Formerly known as Crown

Mainly focused on 
Asian Soccer

Offers larger limits compared to competitors

Founded in 2003

"Asian Operator
of the Year 2009 & 2010"

Multi Player Live Dealer

Offers over 500
sporting events every week

Founded in 2004

Aggregates odds from six different bookmakers

Place bet using 
one account

Extremely fast 
24/7  customer support 

Founded in 2008

Formerly known as IBCBET

One of the most dominant figures in the Asia Pacific and European regions

Offers almost 6,000 live matches a month

Founded in 2008

Considered a new player 
on the Asian Market

Offers a large number 
of football events

Also covers soccer, baseball and 
basketball matches 


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